Boukje Musch

Boukje Musch (1981) started at an early age her musical career at the ‘Zutphen Regional School of Music’ with Arend-Jan Bosma. At the age of seventeen she was admitted to the pre-training classes of the Conservatory. In May 2003 she finished her Bachelor studies and in 2005 she got her Masters Degree with first class honors (cum laude). Boukje studied with Oscar Ramspek and Frans DeJong, among others. At the end of 2000 Boukje studied for a period in New York. She took several masterclasses with (among others) David Singer, Charles Neidich, James Campbell, Eddy Vanoosthuyse and Sabine Meijer.

She also played with several orchestras, like the ‘National Youth Symphonic Wind Orchestra’. From 2002 until 2005 she was the concertmaster/principal from this orchestra. With the ‘National Youth Symphonic Wind Orchestra’ she gave a lot of (inter)national concerts. In the same period she was a substitute player with several professional orchestras, like ‘the Arnheim Symphony Orchestra’.

In June 2003 she gained the so-called ‘Koen van Slogteren Award’, which is a prize in the field of pedagogics and methodology, Boukje’s field of interest during her traineeships and object of her final essay. In that same year Boukje gained the ‘Vriendenprijs’ (friends award) at the Conservatory, a prize that is granted to graduates who developed successfully and who have dedicated themselves to the Conservatory.

Boukje worked profesionnally as a teacher with several music associations and with the Centre for Arts, the so-called ‘Leeuwenkuil’ in the town of Deventer.

At the moment Boukje is a clarinettist of the ‘Kurios Clarinet Quartet’, the ‘Hineni Symphony Orchestra’ and she works as a freelance clarinetistand saxophonist at different orchestras, (ad hoc) ensembles and music associations. She is also a teacher of clarinet and saxophone at the School of Music, the ‘Muzehof’ and the ‘Muzecollectief’ in Zutphen.