Kurios Clarinet Event

Entirely in agreement with the applicant the Kurios Clarinet Quartet composes a clarinet event for you. Different ingredients can be combined into an instructive, challenging, nice and cosy day. For example, think of:

  •     group lessons (from beginners to graduates and conservatory students)
  •     individual master classes (advanced players, conservatory students)
  •     workshops/lectures: “playing, practising and the brain” and ensemble playing for beginners
  •     clarinet choir (in which beginners and advanced players play together)

Usually the quartet starts the event with a short concert. There then follows various workshops/masterclasses.

There is also (the) a possibility to invite the Kurios Clarinet Quartet and members of the quartet as soloists during a concert from your band. Last season Boukje Musch on b-flat clarinet and Mark Snitselaar on bass clarinet acted as soloists with the band of OBK Bennekom (NL) led by Dick Bolt in ‘Symphonic Sketches’ of Carl Wittrock. This season, the Kurios Clarinet Quartet is invited to play in the series ‘HRFSTWND’. The quartet shall play together with the fanfareband ‘Euphonia’ from Wilsum (NL) conducted by Thijs Musch. During this concert the Kurios Clarinet Quartet will play “Psalm 19” by Hardy Mertens and “Roumanian Dances” by Paul Dzon with fanfare band and they’ll play a solo piece called “Klezmer Memories” by Michael Kibbe.

In addition to the compositions above, the Kurios Clarinet quartet has several solo pieces on the repertoire. For example, you could think of:
Weber, Rossini, Krommer, Mendelssohn, Nigel Clarke and the bass clarinet concert by Kees Vlak. The Kurios Clarinet Quartet also likes to perform the work Moving by Bernard van Beurden, for quartet and windband.