Peter Koetsveld

Peter Koetsveld (1961) graduated at the The Hague Royal Conservatory as Performing and Teaching Musician in 1985. He studied with Sjef Douwes and Ariëns Kappers. He often acted as a stand-in with various orchestras, among which the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra.

In 1987 Peter left for Cape Town (South-Africa) as Alternate Principal Clarinet-player of the Cape Town Symphony Orchestra.

He recorded several solo-programs for the radio and won a chamber music contest with the piano quintet of Mozart.

Since 1990 Peter is back in The Netherlands. He is conductor of several choirs and he made several tours, among others with The Continentals and Adrian Snell. In ‘the Arnheim Symphony Orchestra’ Peter acted as a permanent stand-in for (bass)-clarinet and he was solo-clarinettist of the ‘Mulder Consort’, ‘the New English Orchestra’ and the ‘Hineni Symphony Orchestra’. Beside Peter was a member of the ‘Trio Con Spirito’ (clarinet, cello and piano).

In 2002 he founded the Kurios Clarinet Quartet.

His first double solo album 'ROOTS'! was released in 2018 with music of Bach, Bon and Curtis.